Once done the check at the port, the passengers go on board. We get ready to begin the navigation and enjoy the wonders the Beagle Channel shows us. A tour guide accompanies us along the tour to share their knowledge about our surroundings.

Sea and coast birds join us along the journey and we make a first stop at the Bird Island to best appreciate them. Sightseeing, in another island, the South American fur and sea lions show us their interesting behavior and habitat.

We stop at several occasions to exclusively appreciate the mentioned wildlife and the historic “Les Éclaireurs” lighthouse. The landscape persists in its effort to dazzles us in each corner.

Going east we see, on the Argentine coast, Puerto Almanza and, on the Chilean coast, Puerto Williams.

We arrive to Martillo Island where we sight a rookery of Magellanic penguins and some Papua penguins.

On our way back to Ushuaia, we sail near the northern coast of the channel seeing the historic sites Estancia Túnel and Estancia Remolino – where the ship’s hull of the Monte Sarmiento is found since 1912.

4:30-5 hours
Check-in at the port
Beagle Channel Navigation
Bird Island
Sea Lions Island
“Les Éclaireurs” lighthouse
Martillo Island – Penguin Rookery
Arrival to the port

Beagle Channel and penguin rookery navigation

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