Sailing between two oceans, meeting the fauna that inhabits the southernmost waters of the continent and getting close to the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse is one of the must-do activities on your stay in Ushuaia.

We have an approach to the history of the first expeditions that arrived to the region; and to the species of animals and plants which are present in the imposing Beagle Channel.

Birds island

Our tour guide accompanies us to teach us about the history, geography and marine fauna of the environment we are submerged into. Birds show themselves all around us and during the entire sail, flying over the waters that make up their natural habitat. Our first stop is the Bird Island, where we will sightsee cormorants, seagulls, terns and the snowy sheathbill.

Sea lions island

In another of the Beagle Channel islands, we find the South American sea lions and the South American fur seals. It is interesting to see the behavior and habitat where these imposing sea ​​mammals live. We have the opportunity to get near them and see in detail their behavior!

Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse

Upon arrival at Les Éclaireurs lighthouse, we can appreciate how the fauna of the channel live together in this scenery. We travel in time to reminisce the sinking of the SS Monte Cervantes that happened in 1930; and to learn the reason why some call it “the lighthouse of the End of the World”.

Drive back to the city

At the end of the journey, going back to our beautiful Ushuaia, we will relax with the beautiful view of the mountain range that surrounds the city and its sumptuous nature.

2:30 - 3:00 hours
Check-in at the port
Beagle Channel Navigation
Bird Island
Sea Lions Island
“Les Éclaireurs” lighthouse
Arrival to the port

Navigation on the Beagle Channel

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