From the air, our sight travels through deep valleys and mountains from a unique perspective, we discover the beauty of the native forest and we finish a tour of adrenaline, adventure and contemplation captivated by the vehemence suggested by the Esmeralda Lagoon and its surrounding mountains.

Ushuaia from the sky

From your hotel we head to the heliport where our pilots await us. The vertical line take-off already suggests that this is a practice different from any other. Going higher in the sky and seeing the incredible Ushuaia under our feet is a captivating experience that makes adrenaline run through our bodies, from the very first moment.

Valleys and mountains

We enter the ​​mountains area, we cross the Olivia river valley and witness Mount Olivia and the Mount Cinco Hermanos rise, imposing, in front of us.

The experience of landing on the Carbajal Valley deserves a special mention. We live a unique experience when seeing the red color of the peat, a special soil from the region, and how it extends along the valley.

Flora and fauna, trail to Esmeralda Lagoon

We continue the trail surrounded by mountains and learning from our guide, watching closely the native flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego and appreciating its great variety of birds that fly over the area.

The climb up the mountain is the hint that we are close to our goal, behind it the Esmeralda Lagoon is revealed to us.

Esmeralda Lagoon

When we arrive to the Lagoon, it is inevitable to take a moment to relax, focus, find yourself and enjoy the view: the Esmeralda Lagoon. Its name describes the wonder of its waters’ color. The Ojo del Albino glacier and the Toribio mountain range frame the lagoon creating a unique scenery.

At this place, we enjoy a delicious snack and a hot drink giving us enough time to recharge our energy to return to the starting point, where the vehicle waits for us to go back to our beloved Ushuaia city.

6 hours
Pick-up at the passenger’s hotel
Fly on helicopter
Landing on Carbajal Valley
Trekking to Esmeralda Lagoon
Snack at the lagoon
Trekking back to the vehicle
Drive back to hotel
Exclusiva TBD


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