On this tour, we will live a day of complete adventure, heading to the north of the island and approaching the most powerful and refreshing waters you can imagine. Unique places where just stopping to admire where you are, you will feel that finally you are in harmony with yourself, those around you and nature.

Full day tour, includes lunch!

Aboard a LAND ROVER DEFENDER, we leave from your hotel to drive the National Route N°3 and enter the imposing Andes mountain range, where the Mount Olivia and Mount Cinco Hermanos reveal themselves before us.
Our first stop is the viewpoint of the amazing Carbajal valley, where we discover the oldest traces of the ice age and the ecosystem originated after it: mountains with dramatic shapes, small glaciers, perpetual snow, peat bogs and forest; an introduction to the geography of the fantastic Tierra del Fuego.

Viewpoints that are surprising

Together with our guide, an expert of the area, we stop at various viewpoints along the way. Which allow us to find amazing places, pure runoff water from the mountain and peat bogs. We marvel at the imposing landscapes and the possibility of empathize with nature a few minutes before starting our way to the Lakes.

Highest mountain range pass

Crossing the mountain range is a fantastic experience! Upon reaching 450 meters above sea level, we stop at the “Paso Garibaldi” viewpoint where we have the first sight of the day of the Escondido and Khami (Fagnano) lakes. This is an amazing panoramic view that cannot miss from your memory album.

Off-road experience with real 4x4s!

Upon arriving at the historic Bronsovich Sawmill, a site to be highlighted in the province, we divert from the route to take the Provincial Route N°119 towards our off-road circuit. Along this route we live the experience from the woodcutters who once traveled these intricate paths full of adventure.
We visit the beaver dams to learn about the marvelous work of these animals.
Getting your boots in mud is an option, but fun is guaranteed while we cross the lenga forest and some obstacles that test our 4×4 vehicles.

Walking in the forest

A short walk through the forest is enough to renew the air in our lungs and fill them with oxygen from one of the purest places in the planet. We look at the ancient trees and find ourselves in the middle of the dense forest which awakens our imagination and transports us throw the different seasons of the year, the vegetation changes its color and each landscape is new.
Surrounded by this marvelous environment we stop for some minutes to drink a hot beverage.

By Lake Khami

After crossing the forest, we stop by the shore of Lake Khami (Fagnano), one of the largest lakes in the world, an extremely special place because through the center and along the lake is the Magellanes-Fagnano Fault. Undoubtedly, this is a place of great energetic power on Earth.

Refresh yourself at the Khami

This lake was called by the Onas, natives of Tierra del Fuego, “the rest of the horizon” because the imaginary line of the horizon that forms the mountain range is interrupted by the lake and then it continues on the other side. Here we have a few free minutes so that everyone can empathize with the environment in their own way, at their own time.
Experiencing the freshness of the lake, walking along the shore, motivating the imagination to recreate what it would had been like for the natives of Tierra del Fuego to live by these waters and travel in time in a place that has not been intervened by the hand of man.


And if anything was missing from this experience to feel complete, let’s talk about lunch!
Included in this experience we go to one of the best places to enjoy an exquisite lunch surrounded by spectacular views and to fully immerse ourselves in the magic of a traditional Argentine country place.
Once the tour is over, we say goodbye to the wonderful landscape to begin our return to Ushuaia.

6 hours
Pick-up at the passenger’s hote
Carbajal Valley
Escondido Lake (Paso Garibaldi)
4x4 off-road tour
Khami Lake (Fagnano)
Drive back to hotel

Lakes Off-Road Escondido and Khami

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