Tierra del Fuego National Park is the only one in Argentina that includes sea, forest and mountains. It is a unique postcard that not only remains in picture but also becomes a part of our lives, and allows us a complete approach to the nature of the fantastic region of Tierra del Fuego.

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End of the World Train

We begin our tour when we pick you up from your hotel to head southwest of the island. Our first stop is the End of the World train station where you will have the option of riding the train and reliving the history of our city, while going through the same way that many years ago the prisoners used to walk to gather firewood for the little Ushuaia of those times.

Those passengers who do not wish to take the train ride will have the option of getting to know the station’s facilities and take a walk in its surroundings, where we can appreciate a natural environment with unique characteristics in Argentina.

Zaratiegui Bay

At the end station of the End of the World Train we wait for you to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park together. Our first visit point within the park is the southernmost post office in the world. This is where you can send a letter to the people you love, so that from the southern tip of the continent your message arrives full of feelings! In addition, from this place, it is possible to see the Redonda Island and a charming landscape that shows us the fauna and flora of the south.

A renewing trail

The various trails of the National Park allow us to watch the unique species of the sub-Antarctic forest, its rivers, lakes and lagoons, mountains, fauna like the friendly Fuegian fox and its great variety of birds, from the Magellanic woodpecker to the black-necked swan and the wild geese. We visit forest trails that allow us to make multiple stops, enjoy incredible panoramic views and feel completely surrounded by the nature of the End of the World.

Lake Acigami

Lake Acigami, which in Yaghan language means “Long Bag”, is a lake of glacial origin surrounded by forest and mountains that reveal unique and unforgettable landscapes. Here we have a few minutes to walk along the shore and appreciate the features of the geography that have taken thousands of years to form. This is an ideal time and space to reflect on our obligations and goals related to our respect for nature.

Lapataia Bay

This panoramic point is the must-have photo at the southernmost point that can be accessed by land. A place to consolidate your love for your partner, to strengthen your friendship with your soulmate, to celebrate life with your family…

After this visit, you will say that you were indeed at “The End of the World, the Beginning of Everything”

5 hours
Pick-up at the hotel
End of the World Train ride (one way) – tourist class OPTIONAL
Tierra del Fuego National Park tour
Zarategui Bay post office (closed in winter time)
Lapataia Bay “End of the World”
Drive back to the hotel

Tierra del Fuego National Park + The End Of The World Train

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