In TBD we promote nature care and responsible tourism.

We are interested in your health as much as in ours, so we are taking all the actions needed for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest and live unforgettable experiences. While complying and respecting the recommendations by our qualified personnel.


Wash your hands frequently with water and soap or a solution with alcohol
Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter with other people
Wear a facemask
When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with your elbow.

Fernando Perea

Risks Coordinator


Risks Coordination

What’s the work of a Risks Coordinator?

The Risks Coordinator guarantees the stock of personal protection gear (facemask and gloves) and additional supplies (alcohol, paper towels, soap, etc.).

They guarantee communication of information related to COVID-19 (symptoms, prevention and hygiene actions, available medical centers and transportation)..

They define roles and responsibilities, for each member of our agency that is in contact with tourists, for the process, preparation and answers in front of possible risks cases.

Small groups

Tours with a small number of people per group complying with the advised actions, such as keeping distance inside and outside the vehicles.
You have nothing to worry about.

Cleaning and disinfection

Frequent disinfection of common areas.
Frequent disinfection and ventilation of our offices and vehicles.
Disinfection of passengers luggage in the transfers.

Security and hygiene

Security and hygiene actions according to the suggestions by the qualified organizations.
Access to hygiene kits (alcohol gel, gloves and facemasks) for our personnel and clients.