The tour begins picking up the passengers early in the morning. Once on the vehicles, we take the national route N°3 heading north to go through the mountain range where the landscape shows us Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mounts.

We leave behind the Beagle Channel to find the Carbajal Valley, a marvelous glacial valley that reveals forest, peat bog, mountains and permanent snow.

We keep on going on the route until they reach 450 meters above sea level and cross the Andes. From the viewpoint “Paso Garibaldi” they enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Escondido and Fagnano lakes.

We drive along the National Route N°3 that guides us by the side of the Fagnano lake and allows us to appreciate the impressive landscape that is framed by the mountains and has cliffs dropping in the lake.

We make a stop to immerse ourselves in this unique scenery of Tierra del Fuego.

We drive to an incredible place nearby the lake to savor a tasty lunch and immerse ourselves in the magic of the place.

Once the tour is completed, we say goodbye to the wonderful landscape to drive back to Ushuaia city.

6-7 hours
Pick-up at the hotel
Garibaldi – Escondido lake
Khami lake
Lunch – not included
Drive back to hotel

Lakes Escondido and Khami

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