We start our day picking up the passengers at the hotel. We drive to the End of the World main train station where, those who desire to take the ride, board on the mystic train the prisoners of Ushuaia used during the past century.

The ride takes about one hour with a 15-minute stop at the “Macarena Waterfall” station, which was a must disembark point for the convicts to gather water for the steam locomotives.

The train travels through the Trees Cemetery – where the prisoners used to cut trees – and the peat bog.

At the final station a vehicle waits for us to keep driving around the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Meanwhile, people who don’t want to take the train hike in the park.

We reach the Zarategui Bay, where the southernmost post office is located and a landscape that outstands with its sea, islands and woods.

Our tour continues with hikes visiting the magical spaces and corners of the park that the nature gifts us with its rivers, lakes, lagoons, mountains, woods, bushes like Michay and the famous Calafate.

The wildlife with the charming Andean fox and the great variety of birds: from the woodpecker to the black-neck swan and the sheldgoose.

Between these wonders we find Lapataia Bay, we arrive to the end of the national route N°3.

We walk to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the End of the World’s landscape.

After photographing the place to capture this unique moment we drive back to the city.

6 hours
Pick-up at the hotel
End of the World Train ride (one way) – tourist class OPTIONAL
Tierra del Fuego National Park tour
Zarategui Bay post office (closed in winter time)
Lapataia Bay “End of the World”
Drive back to the hotel

Tierra del Fuego National Park + Hike

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