Tierra del Fuego National Park is the only national park in Argentina to include sea, forest and mountains and as such offers a profound sense of the whole Tierra del Fuego natural landscape. Let its picture-perfect scenery become part of you.

Sea, Forest and Mountain. Complete Immersion in the Fuegian Landscape.

A low-difficulty excursion designed with everyone in mind. It begins with collection from your hotel and a short but exciting journey to the Tierra del Fuego National Park situated just 12 km from Ushuaia.

First we encounter the End of the World Train, an attractive and optional activity prior to the park itself. For those who desire to ride the train you’ll head into the park on the same the path where over a century ago the prisoners of what is today a historic landmark—Ushuaia Prison—once collected wood for a fledging Ushuaia. The train passes through a marvellous setting of forest, rivers, peat lands and the archaeological site of an indigenous settlement. The train will also make a stop at the Macarena waterfalls before entering the park.

Bear in mind that the End of the World Train is an add-on to the hike and as such you’ll only make the outgoing leg of the train ride, given that the end station is situated within the park itself, where our guide will meet you to continue to tour. Once inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park our guides will accompany you to the most stunning viewpoints and the most prominent trails the park has to offer.

During the tour there will be several distinct stops to take in the views and to take pictures.
Note: Entrance to the Tierra del Fuego National Park and lunch are NOT included.

6 hours
Pick-up at the hotel
End of the World Train Station
End of the World Train ride (one way) – tourist class OPTIONAL
Lake Acigami
Lapataia Bay
Drive back to the hotel

Tierra del Fuego National Park + Hike

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