A trail that will take you back in time. Trek across peat covered valleys formed by ancient glaciers. Visit forests with the world’s purest air. Gaze on the unique native flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego. See abundant birds fly high throughout the land. Experience all of this on an unforgettable walk that ends up in the mountains with an emerald-colored lagoon that will make your spirit shine.

Fuegian Forest

We’ll begin the day with pick-up from your hotel and head north on National Route N°3. The path toward the Esmeralda Lagoon takes us through a mixed forest of Lenga, Antartic and Magellanic beech, three of the regions most indicative tree species; immediately upon entering the forest you’ll feel the magic that awaits along the way, with dizzyingly tall ancient trees and enchanted, wild places that welcome you to this unique adventure.

Valleys and Peat Bogs

As we leave the forest, a landscape of valleys reveals itself—meet the Carbajal and the Tierra Mayor Valley. Here you’ll walk across ancient peat bogs, one of the most nutrient rich soils on the planet, which we must treat with care and respect, and endeavor to protect as they are a unique natural resource that takes centuries to renew. We’ll take time to appreciate its unique characteristics, to feel its spongy, light and moist mass and to soak in the playful grace of being in this magic terrain found in very few parts of the world.

Flora, Fauna and Mountains

Surrounded by mountains, we’ll continue the trail as our guide gently teaches, paying close attention to the native flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego and appreciating the great variety of birds that take wing in the area. The climb up into the mountain delivers intrepid expectation as we get closer to our goal, for behind the mountain lies the Esmeralda Lagoon.

Esmeralda Lagoon

When we get to the lagoon, it is inevitable you’re going to need a moment; focus, find yourself, take in the view and get lost in the emerald beauty of the water set against the backdrop of the Ojo del Albino glacier and the Toribio mountain range: this is the one and only Esmeralda lagoon. With plenty time to recharge the batteries we’ll also enjoy a tasty snack and a hot drink before heading back full of awe to our departure point, where our transport awaits us for return to Ushuaia.

6 hours
Pick up at the hotel
Arrival at trailhead
Trekking to Esmeralda lagoon
Snack in the lagoon
Trek back to the vehicle
Back to the hotel

Trekking to Laguna Esmeralda with Snow Rackets

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