We set out from the local dock heading towards Alicia Island where we’ll see our first colony of the day: the Patagonian sea lions.

From here we’ll point the bow towards the Isla de los Pájaros (Bird Island) where we’ll find the royal and imperial cormorant colonies.

We’ll continue heading east towards another small island, where, depending on the time of year we may see South American fur seals.

Very close by is the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, maybe the most authentic symbol of Ushuaia, built in 1919. From there we’ll visit the rock (Magellanic) cormorant’s island.

On the return leg we’ll disembark on Bridges Island and make our way around a footpath that allows for close observation of the island’s flora and fauna. During the walk we’ll tell the story of the region’s native peoples the Yámanas.

Some of the region’s largest Yámana antropogenic shell deposits are found on the island. Being the largest island on the trip we’ll make our way to its highest point for a magnificent panorama of the Beagle Channel and Ushuaia off in the distance.

On board during the trip there will be the chance to enjoy liquor café, various teas, delicious hot chocolate, cookies and of course, the essential argentine hot drink: mate.

Note: transfers to the dock and embarkation fees are not included.

3:30 - 4 hours
Check-in at the port
Beagle Channel Navigation
Bird Island
Sea Lions Island
“Les Éclaireurs” lighthouse
Walk on Karelo Island
Hot drink and cookies included
Arrival to the port

Cruise on the Beagle Channel to the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse (yacht)

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